//5 Best High Back Office Chair
High back office chair

5 Best High Back Office Chair

If you are reading this article, you are about to learn why it is important to have the Best High Back Office Chair.

A high-back office chair is one of the few pieces of office furniture that can truly define a space. High-back chairs are most frequently in conference rooms and executive offices, send a message to anyone who visits. They enhance the appearance and sense of importance.

Choosing the best high-back chair for your needs can be challenging because there are so many different high-back chair designs. We have compiled a list of the top high-back chair options using our years of experience.

Relaxing is very important while you are working inside the office for your whole life. You need comfort in your job. And if you have a high-back chair, this may fulfil your desire to get some comfort in your job.

Why people use high-back chairs?

In the world of office furniture, a high-back chair has no established definition. Additionally, a high back may indicate that it is tall enough to hold your head. Sometimes the term “high back” simply refers to the chair’s higher back than other iterations of the same chair.

High-back chairs come in two main categories, I’ve discovered. The first type is a high-back chair with a typical maximum height of 24″ from the seat. The mid and upper back will have support, but there will be no support for the head or neck. With the addition of a headrest, some of these models can be made to stand up to 32”.

The backrest of the second variety of high back chairs measures between 28″ and 32″. Many popular brands are making these chairs to support your head, neck, and entire back.

Considerations Before Purchasing a High Back Chair.

Your seating technique

You must select a high-back chair depending on what you plan to use it for. When determining how many chairs will fit around your table when purchasing a conference chair, it is important to take certain factors into account. 

You can also choose a chair with fewer adjustments and place more emphasis on the chair’s appearance. Since conference room chairs are typically only used for brief periods at a time, extensive adjustability is not typically required.

Make sure the ergonomic high-back chair you choose has all the adjustments you need if you’re shopping for one. Only the necessary adjustments on an ergonomic chair are fine for some people, while more adjustments are preferred by others.

Support for the neck and head

Various headrest styles are used in high-back chairs. For example, in chairs like Freedom or Ergohuman, the headrest is frequently shaped to fit into the curve of your neck. Typically, these can be found on ergonomic chairs with more adjustability. Usually, these chairs are excellent for tasking applications. A headrest like this should typically have height adjustment so that you can position it properly on your neck.

Some high-back chairs feature soft, pillow-like headrest pads. Because they are better suited for reclined seating, these are most frequently found on executive high-back chairs. While meeting with clients or employees, you can keep your head comfortable for longer periods of time.

Last but not least, there won’t be any specific headrests on high-back chairs. Without a distinct area to rest your head, the back will remain the same thickness. On conference chairs and regular chairs, these are most frequently seen. With less focus on overall comfort, these chairs frequently aim for a particular aesthetic.

height of the back

If a headrest is not important to you, you may only need a chair with a taller back than the mid-back task or conference chairs you are accustomed to. In comparison to mid-back chairs, a high-back chair that doesn’t support your neck and head can still provide good comfort.

 They can frequently be used to convey a higher-end look without using a big chair because they will be more supportive of your upper back and shoulders. If you need this kind of chair, look for designs with backrests that are between 24 and 26 inches above the seat.

How high you want the backrest to be is something you should think about. All high-back chairs are not created equal, as we have already discussed. This list will be useful for you if you’re looking for a high-back option to support your entire back, along with your neck and head. Each of these chairs fits that description.

Your height as a person

If you are a tall person, you have to choose a chair with a good height back. Not only the back height, but you also have to choose a chair with a comfortable seat height. And if you are not a tall person, you are a short person. You have to choose the best chair for a short person according to your body size.

So how are you going to find the best chair with the right size for your body? You have to learn from people who have done some research and have some knowledge about this. 

And that’s why I have chosen the 5 Best High Back Office Chairs in 2023.

Here is my 5 Best High Back Office Chair.

1. Best Mesh – Eurotech 

2. Best Leather – Global Arturo

3. Big and Tall – Basyx Validate

4. Best for Ergonomics Global Obusforme 

5. Best Fabric Via Oslo 

Best Mesh – Eurotech

The backrest on the Ergohuman Mesh with Headrest rises up to 30.5″. An ergonomic mesh chair called the Ergohuman might have also been a contender for best lumbar support. The three-sectioned backrest has sections for the neck and head, upper back, and lumbar region. The lumbar region provides excellent support and flexes in response to the user’s weight.

You can adjust the height of the backrest to make it the ideal height for you. It is simple to position the back at the preferred angle thanks to the tension adjustment and three lockable positions. The headrest can pivot and is height-adjustable, making it simple to position it in your neck’s curve for maximum comfort.

Due to its many adjustments, high-quality mesh, and lower price, the Ergohuman has been a good substitute for more expensive mesh chairs like the Aeron. The mesh is pleasant to the touch, flexible, and well-conservative. It features six different mesh colours and is breathable and supportive.

Best Leather – Global Arturo

A good selection of high-back leather chairs is the Global Arturo. It has a 30.5″-tall backrest with plush padded cushions and finely detailed stitching. To keep costs down, the Arturo is covered in high-quality top-grain leather on all the surfaces you come into contact with and mock leather on the other areas of the chair.

When you think of a high-back leather chair, Arturo is the style that comes to mind. To softly support your head, the backrest has a large pillow area. For comfort during lengthy meetings, sink into the plush seat cushion.

The Arturo has infinite tilt lock and tension adjustment capabilities for the centre-tilt mechanism. Additionally, it has contoured cushions, waterfall front seat edges, and padded loop arms. The Arturo lacks the adjustability of an ergonomic chair but still functions well enough to be an excellent conference room chair.

Arturo has a few drawbacks, including how big it is. The seat is similar in size to some big and tall chairs at 21″ wide. People with small frames might feel as though they are swimming in the chair due to the wide seat and tall back.

In order to be ergonomically sound, Arturo lacks the necessary adjustability. Arturo probably isn’t the best choice if you intend to spend several hours each day sitting in your chair and performing tasks.

Big and Tall – Basyx Validate

The traditional high-back leather big and tall chair is the Basyx Validate. A 450 lb weight capacity is made possible by the chair’s sturdy construction and reinforced components. It has a 22″W seat and a backrest that is 31 5/8″ high.

The backrest’s top has an integrated headrest, and the seat and backrest’s padding are both thick. With ornamental stitching, the chair is covered in SofThread leather. To help you stay comfortable, the Validate has padded loop arms.

Although it doesn’t have a ton of features, the Validate does have some adjustability to make the chair more comfortable. It has a centre tilt with tension control, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and a lock feature that keeps the chair fully upright.

Furthermore, if you require an adjustable chair, this is not a good choice. Among the chairs on this list, this one has the least adjustable seating.

People who prefer real leather should not choose the Validate. The SofThread is soft and has good durability, but it is made of vinyl.

Best for Ergonomics Global Obusforme 

Your workhorse ergonomic task chair, the Global Obusforme, also has a 32″H back. If you want a high backrest with lots of adjustments, this is a nice choice. There is thick, high-quality foam in the seat and back. The Obusforme has a ton of features as well. On this chair, you can adjust it pretty much however you like.

A piece of polycarbonate that forms the lumbar curve and an elastomeric suspension system provides nice back support for the Obusforme. The back height adjustment enables you to position the curve so that you can sit for long periods of time without discomfort.

With tension adjustment and tilt lock, it has a centre-tilt feature. A seat slider and pneumatic seat height adjustment are both present. The seat’s forward- or backwards-facing angle can also be changed. The backrest’s height and back angle can be adjusted independently. The arm caps rotate, and the arms can be adjusted for width and height.

A wide variety of people can fit into the Obusforme chair. The weight capacity is 300 lbs. For the vast majority of people, the 16″–20″ seat height range will be ideal. For those who are larger, the seat is 21″ wide and the backrest is tall. However, this chair can still be comfortable for smaller people because of the armrest and back height adjustments.

The Obusforme is our top pick for ergonomics, but one potential drawback is that the lumbar cannot be independently adjusted. The backrest must also be moved in order to move the lumbar. Additionally, you won’t be able to change the curve’s shape to make it more or less supportive.

Best Fabric Via Oslo 

A high-end chair with a 31″-tall backrest is called the Via Oslo. It was designed with a steel frame and injection moulded foam and was influenced by automotive engineering. Oslo’s presence truly dominates a space. It is also one of the chairs on our list with the most customization options.

The Oslo has adjustments that make it much more functional than other chairs with a similar appearance, despite having the classic high-back office chair look. The knee-tilt mechanism and ratchet back height adjustment are standard features of the chair. On chairs like the Oslo, back height adjustment is uncommon. The Oslo also offers the option to add a seat slider, a synchro tilt mechanism, and eight different armrest options.

In Oslo, there are many different design possibilities. Despite being shown in leather, the chair is available in hundreds of different fabrics, which is why it was selected as the best fabric option on our list. Fabrics come in a range of hues, patterns, and levels of durability. For an even more distinctive appearance, you can design your chair with various fabrics on the seat and back.

A problem with this chair is that it might be too big and uncomfortable for someone who is small. This is a big chair, measuring 21″ wide and 31″ high at the backrest. Choosing the arms with a 4-way arm cap adjustment is one way to slightly improve the Oslo. They will contribute to the illusion that the chair is smaller than it really is.

Oslo has two primary drawbacks. The high price is the first. The cost of this chair is the highest on our list. It has a $1776.00 starting price and can cost up to $3,500+. For a large portion of buyers, this is out of their price range.

Final Verdict

Currently, a wide variety of high-back chairs are accessible. Making decisions will be much simpler if you know where to begin your search. It’s essential to be able to pinpoint your unique requirements so that you can begin to focus your search and determine the precise kind of high-back chair you desire.

There are many high-back chairs on this list, each with a variety of uses and a range of prices and styles, but you might not find one that meets your requirements. Everything is fine with that.

You can still use this list to see what’s available and how to start your search. Ultimately, we want you to find the best high-back chair for your needs, and we hope this list will assist you in doing so.